Anxiety nursing diagnosis outcomes

This article discusses the topic of whether there is a difference between depression in general and anxiety nursing diagnosis outcomes… Nursing diagnoses anxiety as a common mental illness. It occurs when a person endures bouts of heavy sweating, constricted breathing, racing heart rate and shortness of breath, chest pains, panic attacks, etc. While anxiety is … Read more

Is Anxiety a disability for school?

Is anxiety a disability for school? If your child is struggling with school and needs accommodations, it can be a complicated process. Anxiety is a disability for school. Many students who suffer from anxiety are afraid to tell their peers, teachers, and parents that they are disabled by their anxiety. By not being honest to … Read more

Stress toys for anxiety

Stress toys for anxiety are a special kind of toy that can help reduce stress and improve your health and well-being. They can be used in addition to other therapies or they can replace face-to-face therapy when it’s not possible. Stress toys are a good way to help yourself relax after a long day. With … Read more

stress symptoms in a teenage girl

Teenage girls are facing a great number of stressors each day. It is important for her to learn how to cope with the stress she is facing. Feelings of depression and anxiety are normal in a teenage girl and so it is very important to understand just why these girls feel this way. Here are … Read more

stress symptoms in the body

Stress is one of the great challenges of our time. The effects of stress can impact your body, mind, and emotions. This article explores the stress symptoms in the body. Stress and its symptoms on the body are not necessarily dealt with by taking prescription medication or other medicinal methods. Stress is something that all … Read more

Stress symptoms sign and causes

Here is a list of some stress symptoms signs and causes that can help you deal with some things in your own life. Stress is a natural response to your body’s reaction to difficulty, emotional, mental, or physical. Your body releases adrenaline, and you enter a mode of fight-or-flight. Like all responses, our bodies are … Read more

Diathesis-stress Model of Depression

This article reviews the diathesis-stress model of depression, which proposes that stress and depression are intertwined in a causal fashion. the diathesis-stress model of depression is a biopsychosocial formulation utilized in the scientific study of mood disorders (i.e., unipolar and bipolar depression), post-traumatic states, neurotic illness, eating disorders, personality disorders, substance use disorders, and anxiety. … Read more

Why You Can’t Seem to Stay Asleep (Plus, How to Finally Catch Some Zzz’s)

Not being able to sleep through the night is the worst. You wake up — who knows why — and immediately stress about how cruddy you’re going to feel the next day if you can’t fall back asleep fast enough. Having just one episode is bad enough, but if it keeps happening, you’ll probably want to figure … Read more

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