Anxiety nursing diagnosis outcomes

This article discusses the topic of whether there is a difference between depression in general and anxiety nursing diagnosis outcomes… Nursing diagnoses anxiety as a common mental illness. It occurs when a person endures bouts of heavy sweating, constricted breathing, racing heart rate and shortness of breath, chest pains, panic attacks, etc. While anxiety is … Read more

Is Anxiety a disability for school?

Is anxiety a disability for school? If your child is struggling with school and needs accommodations, it can be a complicated process. Anxiety is a disability for school. Many students who suffer from anxiety are afraid to tell their peers, teachers, and parents that they are disabled by their anxiety. By not being honest to … Read more

Stress toys for anxiety

Stress toys for anxiety are a special kind of toy that can help reduce stress and improve your health and well-being. They can be used in addition to other therapies or they can replace face-to-face therapy when it’s not possible. Stress toys are a good way to help yourself relax after a long day. With … Read more

Stress symptoms sign and causes

Here is a list of some stress symptoms signs and causes that can help you deal with some things in your own life. Stress is a natural response to your body’s reaction to difficulty, emotional, mental, or physical. Your body releases adrenaline, and you enter a mode of fight-or-flight. Like all responses, our bodies are … Read more

Doctors Debunk 9 Popular COVID-19 Vaccine Myths and Conspiracy Theories

Myths, conspiracy theories, and misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines continue to circulate online. From the vaccines not working to them making you magnetic, these myths have no evidence to back them. Medical experts urge people to check the credibility of any source claiming to share medical information. Misinformation and falsehoods about the COVID-19 vaccines have made … Read more

One Man’s Mission to Make Sure We Don’t Lose Our Connection to Nature

I lived in New York City for 8 years, in one tiny apartment after the other. At first, I loved the hustle and bustle of urban life. I loved the restaurants and food delivery, the museums, the theater, and the sounds of being surrounded by so many people doing so many different things all at … Read more

How Long Should You Meditate to Get the Benefits? Here’s What the Science Says

You’re likely hearing more and more about the many reasons to practice meditation. From relaxation to spiritual connection, the benefits of meditation practice seem to be endless. At the same time, so are the different ways to practice. How do you know whether you’re reaping the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in your life? Should … Read more

It’s Time to Reckon With the Systemic Racism in America’s Healthcare System

In 2014, while in graduate school in Chicago, I underwent treatment for a serious illness. After spending an intense month in the hospital, I was finally transferred to outpatient treatment with weekly doctor appointments. One night, kept awake by insomnia, nausea, and with my hair inexplicably falling out, I wondered if I should page my … Read more

COVID-19 Updates: Vaccines Likely Protect Against Lambda Variant, Says White House

More than 3.9 million people have died from COVID-19 globally. More than half of U.S. adults are now fully vaccinated. COVID-19 cases remain high in some parts of the world, like India, where few people have been vaccinated. Update on COVID-19 numbers Globally, there have been more than 184.8 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and 3.9 … Read more

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