These are 5 Tips to Overcome Stretch Marks while Pregnant

These are 5 Tips to Overcome Stretch Marks while Pregnant

One common problem experienced during pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks in several parts of the body. This happens because of stretching the skin during pregnancy. Pregnancy makes some parts of the body bigger. The skin will adapt to this change. As gestational age increases and the stomach expands, elastic fibers under the surface of the skin break and eventually form dark, fine lines called stretch marks .

Stretch marks in pregnant women usually appear in the lower abdomen, thighs, and waist. The skin seems to be not beautiful, Moms? One of the causes of stretch marks is related to genetic factors. According to What to Expect , stretch marks usually appear during the 13-21 weeks of pregnancy.

This condition does not harm you and the fetus. Moms also don’t need to worry because the things that cause this feeling of lack of confidence can be minimized, you know! During pregnancy, you can do the following and stretch marks can be easily resolved:

• Exercise regularly
During pregnancy, keep exercising to maintain the health of your body and fetus. Exercise is also able to tighten the skin naturally, thereby reducing the risk of stretch marks . The type of exercise that Moms can do is jogging , swimming, cycling, or doing yoga.
• Apply natural ingredients
There are many natural ingredients that can be used by pregnant women to reduce stretch marks . Choose safe for you and the fetus, such as cocoa butter . The content of vallaria ( gotu cola ), vitamin E, and collagen hydrolysates can reduce the risk of dry and itchy skin when pregnant. Aloe vera gel can also help to fade stretch marks and give a cool effect on the skin.

• Maintain Weight
When pregnant, your body weight will increase as the fetus grows in the womb. In order not to overdo it so that it can give rise to stretch marks , Moms can maintain a diet so that the skin in the abdomen does not go ‘stretchy’. In addition, consumption of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin E and vitamin C to prevent stretch marks .

• Use of Scrubs
At present, many circulating scrubs or skin peels can be used to treat stretch marks while pregnant. If Moms are worried about the ingredients used in the product on the market, why not just try making it yourself? The trick, mix dried orange powder with yogurt, then apply to the part that has stretch marks .

• Drink plenty of water and supplement supplements
To prevent dry skin, drink lots of water, of course you really need to do Moms! In addition, you can also take supplements with vitamin E and collagen. Not only softens the skin and overcomes stretch marks , but also can treat wounds from the inside and outside the body.

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