8 Causes of Childhood Mouth Odor You Should Pay Attention

8 Causes of Childhood Mouth Odor You Should Pay Attention



The smell of bad breath can not only occur in adults, children can also experience it. Actually, bad breath in children can improve itself after he brushes his teeth. But as a parent, you must understand well what are the main causes of bad breath in children and how to overcome them.

Various causes of bad breath in children
Bad breath, or the medical term called halitosis, is a general condition that can be experienced by anyone, including your child. The following are the most common causes of bad breath in children:

1. Lack of maintaining oral hygiene
The main cause of bad breath in children is a result of his habit of not keeping teeth and mouth clean. The most basic thing is usually because your child rarely brushes his teeth, which eventually raises plaque between his teeth.

In fact, plaque on the teeth is formed from a group of food or drink residual bacteria tucked into the teeth. Plaques can appear in any area of ​​the tooth, both in front, behind, along the gums, to between the teeth. In addition to making your baby bad breath, plaque buildup can also lead to gum disease.

2. There is bacteria on the tongue
Besides being taught to brush teeth, also teach children to always keep their tongue clean. Because bacteria in the mouth not only hide in the teeth and gums, but also between the tongue papillae. Finally, the condition of a dirty tongue can make your child’s breath become unpleasant.

However, avoid teaching children to clean their tongues using a toothbrush because it will only increase the bacteria on the tongue while reducing the ability of the tongue to taste food. Instead, teach children to use special tongue cleansers.

3. Dry mouth
Dry mouth usually occurs when the child has not eaten or drunk for a long time, or after waking up. Both of these conditions can resist the production of saliva. In fact, saliva acts to help eliminate bacteria in the mouth.

4. Breathing through the mouth
Bad breath in children can occur because of the habit of breathing through the mouth. For example, when sleeping with your mouth open and when your nose is blocked, making it difficult to breathe.

Because, saliva will be difficult to produce when the mouth is gaping or open. Over time, the mouth will dry out which will trigger bad breath.

5. Infection of the gums
Most children who experience gum infections start from being less diligent in maintaining oral and dental hygiene. Take for example, eating too often sweet foods and drinks without being accompanied by brushing your teeth afterwards, or lazy to brush your teeth morning and night before going to bed. As a result, gum infections appear that can trigger the smell in children.

6. Cavities
The condition of cavities that do not go untreated can get worse, because the results of chewing food will continue to accumulate and close the holes in the teeth. Foods that are trapped in this tooth hole will eventually rot and cause bad breath to children.

7. Food, drinks and medicines
Whatever is consumed, whether it is food, drinks, or drugs that are taken continuously is the main factor that triggers the smell of the child’s breath.

So, when a child consumes food and drinks with a distinctive aroma that is strong enough, it will affect his breathing.

8. Other medical conditions
Sinus disease, asthma, swelling of the thyroid gland, it turns out can be another cause of bad breath in children. Not only that, though not always, children with diabetes, gastric infections, kidney failure, liver disorders, and oral cancer can also trigger bad breath.

What is the right way to deal with it?
Handling bad breath in children and adults is not much different. If you realize that your child is experiencing this condition, don’t worry right away, you can provide home care to help deal with this bad breath. Starting from multiplying eating fruit, eating yogurt, eating mint gum, to drinking water.

Gargling with natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and baking soda is also believed to be effective for driving away the breath of your little one, reported by Mom Junction . If bad breath in children does not improve, try to consult further with your dentist. The dentist will find out the initial cause of bad breath and provide treatment that matches the cause.

For example in the case of gum infection, the dentist can take a surgical procedure to treat the condition. While for cases of cavities, immediate treatment is needed to prevent more severe infections.

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