7 big mistakes made by beginners in fitness

7 big mistakes made by beginners in fitness



Error 1: Trying to Move Fast

Of course, everyone should want and want to get a quick return from the sport. But this ambition often leads us to failure. Unfortunately, according to sector data, 9 out of 10 individuals who are registered in gyms cannot continue to play for a month.

We don’t want to start fast and leave quickly. Sport will add to our lives only when continuity is provided. We don’t have to do everything in an instant, hurry up! You’ll probably not be able to lift very high weights immediately, the diet will not work great, will not be able to go to the sports zeal. These are the things we can win over time. In addition, you will not be able to reach the desired physics in a short time. You should probably take care of your regular sport and diet for at least 6 months. Enjoyment and sustainability should be the most important points to pay attention to.

Error 2: No Conscious Program

You don’t know what to do when you go to the gym. Even if you do something, you don’t know how to change things when things don’t go the way you want. You don’t follow their training, you do the same exercises more or less the same way every week.

If we’re not following, we’il guess. According to exercise psychologists, our estimates are generally very bad. Therefore, according to the principles of adaptation of exercise physiology, we must have a program that consciously adapts to our living standards and motivates us even more. Which day we will do in what form of exercise must be clear in advance. We should train, not exercise. You can follow the programs and exercise videos you need for this . You don’t have to pay anybody for the program!

Error 3: You Don’t Work Weight

For an athletic and aesthetic physics, you just think you can do cardio on a treadmill or a bike. You feel that the weight is somehow harmful, or you’re worried about being injured. Yet the weight is more harmful than not to work.

We’re starting to lose muscle from the age of 30. The absence of muscle mass increases the pain and disability in our body. Our body has aesthetic lines comes with muscle mass. However, cardio studies do not increase muscle mass but cause us to spend more energy. It has a benefit in fat burning, but as we work out weights, we develop muscles and accelerate our metabolism. Therefore, for an aesthetic and healthy body, we must study weight. If you want to know more about it, there is a textbook guide for you . With what you’ve learned from here, you’ll be able to do more efficiently.

Error 4: You Don’t Practice Exercises Correctly

Your backbone, you can’t use your hips, you work without focusing on your technique. You’re not patient to learn the exercises. Let’s face it, it may not sound so pleasant at first. But if you try to learn right from the beginning, you won’t have to worry about your sporting life.

When we do not do the exercises correctly, we do not develop some of our muscles if they pass months, because we cannot target them. More importantly, we can damage our joints or soft tissues. We should give ourselves some time to learn the exercises correctly, leave our ego to the other side. You can consult a trainer, record yourself and watch it. Especially if you feel any discomfort or pain, you shouldn’t go on. In order to get better efficiency from sports, you must approach the weight training with an art discipline, not something you need to do to wear down your body.

Error 5: You think you’re a good coach

A rich world of fitness world where a new method or equipment is popular every day . Almost every method has a logic. However, it would be more damaging to us to implement these new and “revolutionary ine exercises without the need for constant change between methods and adaptation.

The goal should be to achieve better performance in each training session, both on its own and when training with your trainer. You must be faster, stronger, more energetic every day. You don’t have to wait a few weeks for this, and you don’t have to be fashionable. If you’re better at workout, you can have fun like you want. If every workout isn’t better, something’s wrong.

Error 6: Fat Burning, Looking for Tightening Exercise

Exercises have 3 effects in our body: we spend energy, our muscles grow stronger, our muscles grow. Our muscles don’t deki tighten k, or work out the abdominal muscle does not dissolve the fat in our belly.

Oils are the energy store of our body. Burning our fats is also caused by our body’s need for energy. With the exercise, our body needs extra energy to burn these oils that are stored. These oils are not burned around the muscles that are studied, and our bodies get burned from there. In general, where the more it starts to be burned.

Tightening is carried out by burning our oils and making our body thinner and harder. Therefore, an exercise does not tighten our body directly. Exercises increase the muscles, but because they burn fat, we look firmer.

Therefore, to burn fat from a particular area, we do not need to look for, tightening exercise Bu. This approach may sometimes cause the area to become thicker. What we need to do is to help our body consume the fats in that region by consuming calories. We can do this with nutrition.

Error 7: Nutrition is Harvesting the Life of the Order

We mentioned that sustainability is the most important point. If you don’t believe you can apply the diet you’ve applied for life, you’re probably on the wrong path. Nutrition does not necessarily have to be restrictive and depressed. If you don’t have a health problem, you don’t have to consume certain foods and avoid others.

Most of the time, when we cannot understand what is really important for us to change our body, we can show unnecessary effort, or even get paid. You don’t have to apply that diet that is popular but you’re not used to. Fats or carbohydrates are enemies, the proteins are not miraculous.

You need to make the most appropriate with healthy cooking techniques to be fed in a balanced way. As long as you don’t exaggerate any food group, you’re probably on the right track. So carbohydrates are not enemies, too many carbohydrate enemies. Sugar isn’t bad, it’s unstable, sugar is bad. Fast food is not bad, it is bad to consistently consume fast food. There are probably many problems with nutrition , you can find the answer to these frequently asked nutrition questions in Agri .

We examined the most common mistakes in 7 items. When you pay attention to these errors, the sport will become more efficient and more importantly enjoyable. The simplest and most efficient way to improve our quality of life is to do regular sports. I’m waiting for the questions you’re curious to support

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