3 Easy and Effective Facial Massage Techniques to Overcome Sinusitis Symptoms

3 Easy and Effective Facial Massage Techniques to Overcome Sinusitis Symptoms



Having a continuous nasal congestion due to sinusitis certainly makes you uncomfortable. Of course, you can’t breathe with relief because the air flow is blocked by inflamed sinus tissue. In addition to nasal spray, you can also do facial massage to treat sinusitis, you know! But remember, don’t do it haphazardly! See how to safely massage the face for sinusitis below.

The benefits of facial massage to treat sinusitis
Sinus massage is one of the many home remedies that can help relieve the pressure on the sinuses. Experts reveal that gentle pressure when massaging can improve blood circulation in the nose. As a result, the symptoms of sinusitis can gradually decrease.

According to a study published in the 2014 Journal of Paramedical Science and Rehabilitation , 35 women reported that sinus headaches tended to decrease after receiving facial massage therapy. Likewise in a separate study conducted on male athletes who have chronic sinusitis , facial massage can reduce numbness and pressure on the face due to sinusitis. So there is no doubt that facial massage therapy is considered effective against sinusitis.

But unfortunately, experts still need further research and analysis to prove the effect of facial massage on sinusitis. Until now it has not been known whether the massage effect can overcome the sinus in the long term or not.

Some licensed massage therapists advise you to do a facial massage regularly to treat sinusitis that likes to recur. Most importantly, always talk to the therapist if your face feels painful or uncomfortable while having a massage.

A safe way to massage your face when experiencing sinusitis
To be safer, you should consult a doctor before you try a sinus massage. The doctor will first see how severe sinusitis you are experiencing and whether you need or not to do facial massage therapy. Instead of curing, careless facial massage therapy can actually worsen your sinusitis.

Actually, you can also do your own facial massage to make it more comfortable. You can set yourself how much pressure on the face does not cause pain. However, if you are in doubt, it’s okay to ask for help from a certified therapist to massage your sinus area.

The human body has four pairs of sinuses. The four sinus areas are located in different places, namely:

Frontal sinus: in the middle of the forehead (frontal), just above each eyebrow.
Ethmoid sinus: behind the nose, right between the eyes.
Sphenoid sinus: behind the ethmoid bone, located at the base of the nose and between the corners of the inner eye.
Maxillary sinus: the largest sinus, located behind the cheekbones near the maxilla.
To treat sinusitis, you can massage in one or all of the painful sinus areas. Well, there are 3 facial massage techniques that can help treat sinusitis, including:

1. Frontal sinus massage

Massaging the frontal sinus area, which is located in the middle of the forehead, can help relieve headaches due to sinusitis. Before starting the massage, try rubbing both palms so that they are warmer.

A warm sensation in the hand will help soften the sinus tissue that is tense when massaged. You can also use lotion or oil so the massage feels more comfortable.


Use your index finger and middle finger on both hands, then place it in the middle of the forehead, precisely at the end of each eyebrow.
Massage the area slowly with a circular motion for 30 seconds.
Perform circular movements inward for 30 seconds. Feel the change in the headache which begins to subside.
2. Massage the maxillary sinus

Sinus massage in the maxillary area is believed to be effective in overcoming the symptoms of sinusitis, including nasal congestion and sinus pain. Just as before, rub your palms together first to be warmer when massaging the sinus area.


Use your index and middle fingers on both hands, then place them between the cheekbones and the maxilla.
Gently massage with circular movements for about 30 seconds. In order for the pressure to be stronger, you may use your thumb when massaging the maxillary sinus area.
3. Massage the sphenoid sinus

For those of you who experience continuous nasal congestion due to sinuses, try a facial massage in the area of ​​the sphenoid sinus. Massaging this sinus area can help smooth airflow in your nose so you can breathe more easily.

Again and again, rub your palms together first to make it feel more comfortable. It is also possible to pour a little oil or lotion before rubbing both hands.


Place your index finger at the base of the nose, precisely in the middle of the two corners of the eye.
Press this point firmly for about 15 seconds.
In a circular motion, massage your nose from the middle of the two corners of the eye down along your nose.
Repeat this movement for 30 seconds and feel the changes for yourself.
Perform the sinus massage for several times until your sinusitis symptoms decrease. You can also combine it with other home remedies, such as warm compresses or inhalation of steam, to speed up healing.

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