20 Best Pregnancy Tips from Gynecologists

20 Best Pregnancy Tips from Gynecologists

To keep your womb healthy, you should always follow the advice and advice of your obstetrician. For this reason, we have summarized the 20 best tips from obstetricians, so that pregnant women and their fetuses are always healthy.

1. Tips to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

“Consumption of probiotics, a balanced diet, and exercise since the early trimester of pregnancy can prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy and postpartum.”

2. Tips for careful consumption of folic acid.

“Meet the needs of folic acid during pregnancy, can with fresh food or with supplements containing at least 400 micrograms of folic acid. These nutrients can reduce the risk of uterine failure, central neural tube defects, anemia, and preeclampsia. ”

“Keep the vagina moist to avoid the risk of vaginal infections during pregnancy. A moist vagina, pregnancy hormones, and increased fat in pregnant women make pregnant women vulnerable to vaginal infections. ”

4. Tips to overcome morning sickness.

“Empirically, vitamin B6 can relieve nausea complaints, but antiemesis help is needed if only with the vitamin the complaint does not improve. To anticipate the nausea that often occurs during pregnancy, try using a small frequent feeding pattern . ”

Dr. Tirsa Verani, Sp.OG from Brawijaya Women and Children Hospital

5. Tips for traveling far during pregnancy.

“Ideally long trips (more than 5 hours) are carried out during pregnancies aged 14-32 weeks. But if the goal is close, it only takes 1-2 hours, 38 weeks pregnancy is not a problem. Make sure the pregnancy is normal, no complaints (free of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stress, high blood pressure, asthma, and heart disease). Also make sure pregnant women only become passengers, huh. ”

6. Tips for preventing secondary infertility.

“Secondary infertility can be prevented, how to maintain the reproductive health of his wife and husband, also by avoiding stress. Stress can increase the hormone prolactin in the body, and this hormone can suppress the fertility hormones you need to get pregnant. ”

7. Tips for people with lupus who want to get pregnant.

“People with SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) can of course get pregnant, but indeed the pregnancy must be more planned. SLE is not inherited, nor does it directly result in mental retardation and congenital defects in children. ”
8. Tips to overcome pregnancy hemorrhoids.

“Prevent pregnancy hemorrhoids by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Increase consumption of foods that are high in fiber, water, and regular exercise. To keep pregnant women in shape, pregnant women can swim or yoga for 1 hour 2 times a week. Also prevent hemorrhoids by avoiding sitting too long and consuming spicy foods. Even though hemorrhoids seem scary, you don’t need to panic because pregnancy hemorrhoids are temporary. ”

9. Tips for choosing a sleeping position.

“The best position for lying down and sleeping is very varied, adjusted to the comfort of prospective mothers. Most importantly, however the position of the mother lying down or sleeping, always place a pillow under the head and not on the shoulder. To be more comfortable, place a thin pillow between your legs when lying sideways. Try sleeping in a position where the spine remains in a straight state. ”
10. Tips on taking antibiotics.

“Babies exposed to antibiotics while in the womb have a lower resistance to infection. So, it’s better to avoid taking antibiotics, especially during pregnancy. ”

11. Tips for overcoming dry eyes.

“Pregnancy hormones are one of the reasons pregnant women feel dry and sometimes like sand. You can overcome this by moistening the eyes using drops. It’s also a good idea to temporarily use your glasses and reduce the use of contact lenses. ”

12. Tips to keep your pregnancy healthy.

“It is very important for pregnant women to know various information about pregnancy, also recognize clinical signs in themselves. Mothers should also be diligent in counseling their obstetricians, while maintaining proper nutritional intake. In addition to carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, micronutrients also need to be fulfilled, including folic acid, vitamin D, iron, and calcium. ”

13. Tips for overcoming leg cramps.

“Studies show, legs or other body parts that cramp during pregnancy because of a lack of magnesium and kalisum in the body. If you often cramp, start drinking milk 3 times a day, to add magnesium and calcium in the body. Pregnant women can also stretch muscles when they wake up, or take prenatal yoga. ”

14. Tips so that babies are born healthy.

“To get a healthy baby you should plan a pregnancy before you are 35 years old. It’s a good idea to consult a doctor before deciding to get pregnant. Rubella and chickenpox vaccination also need to be done. Be diligent in eating foods that contain folic acid such as orange juice, beans, and green vegetables to prevent spinal disorders in the fetus. When you are pregnant, check your pregnancy regularly, control blood sugar, keep your body weight ideal, avoid coffee, cigarettes, herbs, and alcohol. ”

15. Tips for calculating fetal movements.

“Fetus in the womb aged 4 or 5 months is very active. However, there are also times when the movements are not too active, such as at night, because just like us, the fetus also needs to sleep. A healthy and normal fetus moves at least 2-3 times in 1 hour. You can feel this movement from morning to night. If you suddenly don’t feel the fetus moves at all in 1 hour, especially in the morning and evening, stimulate it by playing sounds near the stomach so that it moves. ”

16. Tips to detect fetuses affected by Down syndrome.

“Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder called trisomy 21. This disorder can be detected since early pregnancy through 3 or 4-dimensional ultrasound examination and can appear on more than 1 organ. However, it was only clearly seen during the growth period after the Little One was born. This abnormality is characterized by a thickening of the fetus’s hump at 9-14 weeks of gestation, absence of nasal bones, low ear placement, heart abnormalities, baby’s face looks wide and flat, short hand bones, cleft lip, and so on. ”

17. Facial tips during pregnancy.

“If you are not used to facials, you should not start when you are pregnant. Because besides being more painful, the results of facials will not be effective. If you are used to facials, you can facial yourself at home for the purpose of cleaning. Or if you ask for help from a facial expert, use soft material. Remember! You are not recommended to do galvanic facials, blackhead extracts and zits, chemical peels, or herbal facials, because it will harm your sensitive skin. ”

18. Tips for choosing the type of labor based on eye conditions.

“Eye conditions minus more than 5 must be careful in choosing the type of labor. It is best to ensure that you are safe or not to undergo a normal delivery, you should consult an ophthalmologist and obstetrician. If not possible, most doctors will advise you to deliver by Caesarean section. ”

Dr. Fakriantini Jaya Putri, Sp.OG. from Zahirah Hospital

19. Tips to meet body fluids during pregnancy.

“Less water intake causes reduced amniotic fluid to 8% in a relatively short time. So, WHO 2003 recommends meeting the adequacy of fluids for hydration of pregnant women by consuming 4.8 liters per day. ”

20. Tips to overcome constipation during pregnancy.

“Constipation that often occurs in pregnant women is generally caused by a lack of regular diet and lack of fiber. Increasing the production of the hormone progesterone can also cause constipation because it makes the bowel movements relax or slow, thus slowing the digestive tract. Constipation can also be more severe if you consume iron vitamins that are too high. Therefore, consult your obstetrician, regarding vitamins with iron levels that are right and suitable for you. In addition, it would be even better if you meet your natural iron intake by eating foods that contain iron directly, and start adjusting your diet properly. “

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