14 Benefits of Pomegranate For Health, The Fruit of Heaven The Prophet’s passions

14 Benefits of Pomegranate For Health, The Fruit of Heaven The Prophet’s passions



Pomegranate which has the Latin name Punica granatum turns out to be one of the fruits with the highest nutritional content. Naturally the benefits of pomegranates for health are very much.

In the Qur’an, the letter of Ar-Rahman states that pomegranates include fruits that have benefits or benefits for health and treatment .

“In it (heaven) there are fruits, palm trees and pomegranates,” (QS. Ar-Rahman: 68).

The health benefits of pomegranates really exist because they have the antioxidant Punicalagin, which has three times more strength than red wine and green tea.

Punicic acid contained in pomegranates is also very good for health. In medical literature, sweet pomegranates are hot and wet .

This type of pomegranate benefits from treating infections in the throat , chest , lungs , and relieving coughing .

While pomegranates that have a sour and cold and dry taste are beneficial to cool the stomach heat and produce urine .

In a history written by Ibn Abbas in a hadith, it is said that pomegranates are considered as one of the fruits of heaven. The Prophet Muhammad loved to eat this fruit.

“There is no pomegranate in you now, but a portion of pomegranates from heaven.” (Narrated by Al-Dzabi).

The efficacy or benefits of pomegranates for health are also mentioned in the hadith which reads “Eat pomegranates and parts of the meat at once, because this fruit functions to cleanse the stomach .” (Narrated Ahmad, Baihaqi and Ibn Sunni)

Not only is the fruit of the Prophet Muhammad’s favorite, pomegranate is also one of the requested foods provided when King Salman of Saudi Arabia visited Bali in 2017.

King Salman’s request may be based on the benefits of pomegranates for health that have been proven to prevent the body from various diseases that could endanger health.

Summarized by Dream from various sources, here are 14 benefits of pomegranate for health, the favorite fruit of the Prophet Muhammad.

Benefits of pomegranate for health
1. Has anti-inflammatory properties
The health benefits of pomegranates are the first to have anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation is one of the main triggers for a number of serious diseases. Among them are heart disease , cancer , type 2 diabetes , Alzheimer’s , and obesity.

Pomegranates have strong anti-inflammatory properties, mostly due to the antioxidant properties of punicalagins. Indirectly, regular consumption of pomegranates or fresh pomegranate juice will reduce the risk of developing these diseases.

2. Prevent heart disease
Benefits of pomegranate to prevent heart disease. Pomegranates are rich in antioxidant polyphenols. This means that the benefits of pomegranate for health is to prevent damage caused by free radicals on the arterial wall, thus preventing heart disease. This fruit is also able to maintain bad cholesterol levels so that plaque does not occur and cause coronary heart problems.

A study conducted on 51 people with high triglyceride levels showed that consuming 800 mg of pomegranate seed oil per day significantly reduced triglycerides and increased the triglyceride-HDL ratio.

3. Lower blood pressure
The third health benefit or efficacy of pomegranates is to reduce blood pressure , by preventing the serum activity of angiotensin-converting enzymes. Pisic acid is one component in pomegranate which helps lower cholesterol, triglycerides and reduce blood pressure.

4. Helps fight prostate cancer
Furthermore, the benefits of pomegranates to fight prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a type of cancer commonly found in men. Laboratory studies show that pomegranate extract can slow down the reproduction of cancer cells and even induce cancer apoptosis (cell death). In addition to prostate cancer, the benefits of pomegranate for other health is to prevent breast cancer, lung cancer to skin cancer .

5. Helps digestion
You need to consume fiber-rich foods to keep digestion healthy . Eating one pomegranate every day is also good for maintaining fiber intake for the body. One pomegranate can meet the needs of 45 percent of daily fiber intake.

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Manfaat buah delima untuk mencegah Alzheimer
6. Mencegah Alzheimer
Para peneliti percaya dengan manfaat delima untuk mencegah Alzheimer. Studi yang dilakukan Hartman serta rekan-rekan penelitinya menunjukkan, jus delima mampu mengurangi akumulasi amyloid di hippocampus hingga 50 persen. Hal itu membuat delima dianggap bisa meningkatkan kondisi pasien Alzheimer jadi lebih baik.

7. Meningkatkan sistem imun
Manfaat delima untuk kesehatan yang ketujuh adalah meningkatkan sistem imun. Kaya akan senyawa anti-inflamasi, delima sangat menyehatkan bagi mereka yang mengalami gangguan sistem imun tubuh seperti rheumatoid arthritis dan osteoartritis. Buah delima banyak mengandung vitamin C yang meningkatkan produksi kekebalan tubuh sehingga terhindar dari infeksi.

8. Meningkatkan libido
Ternyata, manfaat buah delima untuk kesehatan tidak hanya sebagai obat, tapi juga untuk meningkatkan gairah seksual. Sejak dulu delima kerap digunakan sebagai simbol kesuburan. Menurut sebuah studi yang dilakukan para peneliti dari Queen Margaret University, segelas jus delima meningkatkan kadar testosteron pada pria dan wanita. Itu sebabnya delima pun bisa berfungsi sebagai afrodisiak, meningkatkan libido dan stamina seksual.

9. Mengurangi tingkat stres
Manfaat buah delima untuk untuk mengurangi tingkat stres. Menurut studi yang dilakukan di Queen Margaret University, individu yang minum jus delima memiliki kadar kortisol yang rendah.

10. melawan arthritis dan nyeri sendi
There are several types of arthritis, but most involve inflammation in the joints. Given the anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranates, it’s not surprising that this favorite fruit of the Prophet Muhammad can treat arthritis.

Interestingly, laboratory research shows that pomegranate extract can block enzymes that are known to damage joints in people with osteoarthritis. Pomegranate extract has also been shown to relieve arthritis in mice, but the evidence from research with human human objects is still very limited.

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Manfaat delima untuk melawan infeksi bakteri dan jamur
11. Membantu memerangi infeksi bakteri dan jamur
Senyawa nabati dalam buah delima dapat membantu melawan mikroorganisme berbahaya. Senyawa ini terbukti mampu memerangi beberapa jenis bakteri serta jamur Candida albicans. Efek antibakteri dan antijamur delima juga dapat melindungi terhadap infeksi dan peradangan di mulut. Misalnya saja kondisi seperti gingivitis, periodontitis, dan stomatitis gigi palsu.

12. Mencegah plak
Benefits of pomegranates to prevent plaque. Pomegranate juice can be a choice as a dessert if you have trouble finding mouthwash. Some compounds in pomegranate have a strong antiplant effect. Studies show that the hydroalkoholic extract from effective pomegranate reduces dental plaque by up to 84 percent.

13. Make you young
Polyphenol compounds in pomegranates are very effective in inhibiting the aging process. That’s why routine consumption of pomegranates can make the skin glow and away from wrinkles.

14. helps improve memory
Benefits of pomegranate to improve memory. A study conducted on surgical patients showed that 2 grams of pomegranate extract could prevent a decrease in memory after surgery .

Another study conducted on 28 adults in the age group with complaints of memory impairment showed that 8 ounces (237 ml) of pomegranate juice per day significantly improved verbal and visual memory markers. Studies conducted with mouse objects also show that pomegranates can help fight Alzheimer’s disease .

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