10 Ways for Toddlers to Grow Smartly

10 Ways for Toddlers to Grow Smartly




Which parents do not want their children to grow smart, creative, and healthy. Until the age of a toddler, the Little One is still experiencing rapid development, especially the brain and physical. Of course it has become your role to maximize important times at the age of the Little One. Here are 10 things you can do to optimize your toddler’s intelligence.

1. Free to Explore the Environment
The environment is a broad means for children to learn various things. Exploration in nature triggers active children to move, also increases children’s curiosity towards various aspects of life. Encourage children to explore the new environment they know. Let him be free to experiment and don’t forbid him much. You can replace the word ‘do not’ with ‘watch out’ accompanied by an explanation of the consequences he will get if he does something. You also need to give Little One the spirit.

2. Follow Children’s Interest
To explore the extraordinary potential within a child, give full support to the fields that he likes, if necessary, join in practicing and become a practice partner that is fun for him.
3. Give Knowledge About the World and Its Content
Give children the facilities and opportunities to get to know the world and all aspects of life. This makes the Little One open view of new things according to the development of science.

4. Read various Knowledge Books
In addition to growing interest in reading, children will also absorb knowledge from books to support their interests. The habit of reading books also instills an inner bond between you and your little one.

5. Be a Good Model
Children will imitate their parents. So, you must become the best role model for Little in all aspects of daily life. Show your interest to always learn and find new interesting and creative things with children. Show and apply a healthy lifestyle. Also show respect and empathy for every family member, other person, and other living beings.

6. Ask frequently
Ask a few questions to the child, so he is provoked to think and give answers according to his analysis. Or invite him to discuss. You can start by asking in detail about the things he is interested in or what he is doing.
7. Give a chance to make a decision
Getting children to make decisions will train them to learn cause and effect and responsibility. Training children to make decisions will also trigger children to learn analytical thinking by coupling things that have been learned and understood.

8. Increase the chance to socialize
All emotional experiences obtained by children will affect the formation of interwoven nerve cells in the brain. Children need the widest opportunity to socialize, because it will enrich children’s emotional experiences, as well as the means to learn to express their feelings. The better the child’s emotional intelligence, the better the delivery of stimuli between nerve cells in the brain.

9. Enough for nutritional needs
Nutrition for the brain, especially DHA, has been shown to play a role in children’s brain development in the ‘golden period’. Give consumption of food types in the brain food group , such as food protein sources, to improve the ability to concentrate and think. Also provide nutrients that support the Little One’s physical growth and nutrition for optimal development of his immune system.

10. Take care of your health
Exercise or physical exercise not only makes the child’s body healthy, but also makes him smart. In addition to the circulation of oxygen, sugar and nutrients become smooth throughout the body and brain, which will also trigger the production of hormones for nerve cells. With a healthy body, the Little One will have a wide opportunity to learn various things, and explore the potential of intelligence in him optimally. Sports are also fun and can make your child feel comfortable and relaxed

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