10 Tips for Undergoing Pregnancy

10 Tips for Undergoing Pregnancy

Happy mother, baby is happy! That is why pregnant women need to carry out pregnancy more relaxed, calm, and happy. Do you want to know how? Follow a few tips on having a more relaxed pregnancy, here, Moms.

1. Love Your Body
No need to be annoyed with the stomach getting bigger and longer, buttocks that are not sexy or chubby cheeks. Hmm, it feels like this year you don’t need to regret your body shape or face that is not like before. You have to be happy with your ‘weird’ body shape now, because you are carrying your beloved baby. Imagine how nice the days with a cute baby accompany you. Not only that, you are also free from diet programs and daily dietary rules. So, just enjoy your big belly.

2. Pregnancy Sports
Confused about choosing the right sport during pregnancy? This year you don’t have to bother thinking about signing up for a fitness center. Apart from not being too important, just spending money. Do light sports like yoga, walk, go up and down stairs, mop the floor, or swim. Besides being able to make labor more smoothly, you can also do it at home.

3. Don’t Forget Me Time
Bored with daily routines? Not to mention the boss who constantly gave assignments and faced the annoying attitude of coworkers. Everything can only make you upset. Beware, do not be affected by conditions that can make your fetus’s health disturbed. Remember, if you are stressed, your baby will be stressed. So, make a pleasant atmosphere in the office or at home.

4. Enjoy Your Favorite Food
Chocolate? Who doesn’t like it? So, just treat your tongue by eating it occasionally. And, you know, chocolate cake turns out to make you feel much happier. Besides chocolate, also enjoy cheese cakes that can add protein and calcium. No need to feel guilty after eating it. You can also eat more than one!

5. Look for friends as much as possible
Want to confide with other pregnant women? Easy, just follow yoga or pilates classes for pregnancy. No need to wait too long, around 15 minutes, Ada can already have fun chatting with classmates.

6. Manage your mood
Women do tend to be more sensitive. No wonder when there is a small problem, your mood that is initially calm can turn into a blast. Try not to follow your bad mood . Try to be calm under any circumstances. Besides being useful for yourself, the little one in the womb will feel the benefits.

7. Relax at the Spa
Want to stay fresh during pregnancy? Come to a special spa for pregnant women. Stretch the muscles that interfere with your activity by applying aromatherapy oil. You will get a different sensation than usual and be more active in your activities.

8. Stay relaxed
Relax, relaxed, relaxed. Yes, you must have a special time from fatigue-filled routines. No need to go far, just sit in front of the TV and enjoy your favorite movies or shows. Besides that there are still many things you can do at home such as reading novels, listening to music or just looking at your plants in the yard.
9. Keep Attitude
Having a baby, will definitely change the pattern of your life with your husband. Do not make love habits in the living room or in the kitchen. If you want to do it, do it now, before your baby is born.
10. Don’t force yourself
You are indeed skilled at cleaning the house, washing dishes and cooking. However, don’t force yourself to do it if you end up stressing yourself out. Just do everything you can. It’s good while pregnant, you hire someone else to help with household chores such as washing clothes, washing dishes, or helping you cook

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